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H E L L O !
I'm Caroline, and I love to create.
Sparks of inspiration and creativity are the best feelings when beginning a project; the exciting process of designing, from beginning to end and the revelation of the finished article. Vibrant colour and finding beauty in nature entices me to create and is an essential component driving my art and design.  I take care with my drawings and paintings ensuring quality within each piece.

 I graduated from the University of Leeds with a First Class Degree in Textile Design, specialising in Print Design. After completing a placement year where I worked as a Print Design Intern for companies such as House of Hackney, Warehouse, Karolina York and Hayley Menzies, it inspired my final year designs and dissertation research to be primarily focused on a sustainable Fashion and Textile future. Since graduating, I have worked on setting up a business where you are able to follow the journey of on Instagram. I aim to create a positive difference within the design industry; discovering pathways to learn new skills and expand my knowledge and experience as a Print Designer in a sustainable and environmentally considerate way.


Flora 2
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